Chiang Rai – Heaven of Northern Thailand – Chiangrai Province

Chiang Rai – Heaven of Northern Thailand


Come see the amazing beautiful city of Chiang Rai and experience the stunning beauty of majestic Thailand in a way that you have never before. From your first step into this mesmerizing city, you will find yourself be enveloped by the city’s exotic aura. Revel at the beauty of the mist-covered mountains that surround this fascinating city.

Chiang Rai is a city that has long preserved its exotic culture and traditions. Chiang Rai is that one place where you will discover that peace and tranquility that you have long wished for. So simply let go and rediscover yourself, letting go of all the worries amidst the city’s stunningly beautiful surroundings.

Chiang Rai not only boasts exotic Khun Kon waterfalls, captivating caves and awe-inspiring national parks and botanical gardens but also Thailand’s exquisite white washed temple built by a well-known artist that have long served as a huge basis of attraction for tourists around the globe.

But Chiang Rai is not all about the serene of nature as the city also offers you endless fun-filled activities that you can embark upon to rejuvenate yourself. So if all this is exactly what you’re looking for in your travel destination, then this is the right time for you to visit Amazing Chiang Rai.

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