Chiang Rai Student Jumps to Her Death from Khua Phaya Mengrai Bridge – Chiangrai Province

Chiang Rai Student Jumps to Her Death from Khua Phaya Mengrai Bridge


CHIANG RAI –  A 21 year-old student from Chiang Rai’s Rajabhat University died Friday night after jumping to her death from the Khua Phaya Mengrai Bridge which crosses the Kok River in Chiang Rai City.

Deputy Director of the Investigation of Muang Chiang Rai Provincial Police Office, Pol.Lt. Nipol Ramanom,said that officers and rescue workers were called to the Khua Phaya Mengrai bridge at approximately 8: 45PM where Miss  Yingluk Kulaya, 21 standing on the bridge ledge in her school uniform threatening to jump.

According to witnesses at the scene police and rescue workers tried diligently to try and coax Miss Kulaya away from the ledge and jumping but failed. She jumped off the bridge into the murky water and disappeared.

Chiang Rai’s Pol.Lt. Nipol Ramanom reported that after approximately 4 hours of searching, divers found the lifeless body of Miss Yingluk Kulaya floating just below the surface of the water approximately 70 meters away Khua Phaya Mengrai bridge.

Chiang Rai Police investigators are still trying to piece together why the young woman jumped to her death, initial reports found that she suffered depression and was having academic problems.

Her grandmother told police that her parents had recently separated.

By Geoff Thomas



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