Myanmar Security Forces Crackdown on Drug Dealers in Golden Triangle – Chiangrai Province

Myanmar Security Forces Crackdown on Drug Dealers in Golden Triangle


CHIANG RAI – The Myanmar Army and local police have started anti-drug operations in the Shan State (Chiang Rai-Myanmar Border) which has led to seizure of large number of Drug haul and illegal weapons

Myanmar Army and local security police forces coordinately launched an extensive Drug suppression operations in four villages located in Mong Ton, Mong Twam and Tachileik townships of eastern Shan State during 13th to 14th June 2019.

Such operations led to capture of large amount of illicit drugs 4.5 millions of Methamphetamine pills ,large number of heroine, unlicensed weapons, vehicles and hardware machines, chemical substances used in production of illicit drugs.

The Army troops and police forces jointly launched operations from 13th to 14th June 2019 in vicinity of Par Khar village, Tachileik township and the security forces could seize 4,254,000 Methamphetamine pills, Ketamine 900 grams, 10 sacked containing Heroine( Brown powder) 500 kg per each sack, various equipment for using drugs and other materials, hardware related to produce illicit drug.

On 14th June evening, the security forces raided into a particular house located in Sein Lann Taung park near Ye Pu Sann village, Tachileik township and such operation led to capture 16 bags containing 5.3 kg of Heroin, illegal weapons: one MK10 assault rifle, one MK 22 rifle, one point22 gun, two point22 (CZ-450) guns, one Winchester 12 V gun, one 9mm pistol, one Point38 pistol, one M-9 A1 pistol, various types of ammunition 19,279 rounds, hardware machines and equipment in producing illicit drugs.

While the security forces led by Myanmar Army launched a drug suppression operation in Pu Nar Ko village, Mong Ton township, 10,6000 pills of Methamphetamine , 5 kg of Ya Ice , one point22 gun, one Winchester gun, 3 unlicensed vehicles and various hardware machines in producing illicit drugs were apprehended.

Moreover, during the drug suppression operations in Mae Kyoute village, Mong Twam township, that resulted to capture total number of 156,200 Methamphetamine pills, 0.5 kg of drug powder,0.25 kg of Heroine, 2 rifles, 20 gas cylinders and other hardware machines used to produce illicit drugs.

A local resident of Mong Twam reported that “ There was a similar operation launched in 2014 and it was also led by Myanmar Army. During those previous operations, large amount of drug hauls were seized but criminals were not apprehended.

No criminals were reportedly arrested this time. The Army launched an extensive and detailed search operations in Mae Kyoute village even search in every houses and every villagers were searched thoroughly. However, every youths in village just fled from village.”

According to sources, such operations were launched by Myanmar Army to strengthen the bilateral relations with its neighboring country, Thailand to prevent from flow of drugs in border areas.

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