Organs Donated By 18 Yea-Old Chiang Rai Boy Help Six Other Lives – Chiangrai Province

Organs Donated By 18 Yea-Old Chiang Rai Boy Help Six Other Lives


CHIANG RAI – An 18-year-old Chiang Rai teenager Pongsathorn Amput of Chiang Rai province’s Dok Kham Tai district, who was involved in a accident that resulted in his death has donated his organs helping six other lives.

The 18 year0old boy’s family learned about his decision to donate his organs only after his death, it was disclosed yesterday at a press conference.

His parents found out that he had intended to donate his body towards the Thai Red Cross Society in the case of death. The family was shocked to hear the news, but they want his intentions to be fulfilled and understand the good reasoning behind it.

Hopefully, this story reminds other parents to always keep an eye on their child, your protection may be unwanted sometimes, but it can end up saving your child from dangerous situations.

His father Mr. Watchara Umput wanted to fulfill his son’s intentions even though he was extremely shocked when he heard that his son had registered for his body to be donated to the Thai Red Cross.

When Watchara heard about his son wanting to be a donor and that his body could be used to extend 6 lives of people on the donor waiting list, he knew right away what his choice was. He wishes that his son is in a better place from his good heart and he wants to be a part of his son’s history.

Surgeon Dr Pongsakorn Pongsapas, who is in charge of the hospital’s organ donation and transplant centre, told the press conference yesterday that six organs of the deceased teenager – heart, liver, two kidneys and two eyes – were removed and later transplanted in six patients.

“Organ donation is a great way to make merit,” the doctor said. The hospital thanked the donor’s family.

He said the Chiang Rai hospital has the capability to conduct organ transplants but the problem was one of shortage of donated organs.

More than 6,400 patients have registered with the Thai Red Cross for organ transplants. Of these, most of them – 6,082 – are on the waiting list for kidney transplants. So far this year, only 585 people on the waiting list could actually undergo organ transplants, according to the Thai Red Cross.

Dr Samroeng Srikaew, deputy director of the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital, told the press conference yesterday that only 111 people had offered to donate their organs this year, which was far below the demand.

“The hospital would like to thank the Amput family for allowing Pongsathorn’s organs to be donated. His organs could help save a lot of lives – and this was a great merit-making,” the hospital executive said.

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