Let’s Find out a Few Combinations of Dry Seasoning to Make Non-veg Dishes Appealing! – Chiangrai Province
Let’s Find out a Few Combinations of Dry Seasoning to Make Non-veg Dishes Appealing!

Let’s Find out a Few Combinations of Dry Seasoning to Make Non-veg Dishes Appealing!


People love meat dishes for taste and nutrition. If you run a restaurant or a fast food center, you can attract food lovers easily by fixing your dishes with the right mix of herbs and spices. While many food service businesses already do this, you can stand out for offering a personalized experience. You can transform any ordinary beef or chicken preparation quickly by using the custom-made seasoning that has been prepared especially on your recommendation for your purpose. Hence, it will be challenging for others to emulate your recipe. Patrons will prefer you if they find your style more satisfying.

Some business owners, especially those starting on a small scale, worry about standardization. They see it as arduous, while commercial custom food blending services are easily accessible nowadays. You can talk to them and give them your requirements. As soon as the orders are made, they ensure you get your dry seasoning supplies on time. Such arrangements free your kitchen work and any stress related to standardizing the dishes that your customers appreciate. Now, let’s explore some seasoning combinations that work for different meat recipes. You can add your twist to them as your signature.

  • Beef

Oregano, garlic, thyme, cumin, black pepper, and mustard seeds can do an incredible job. Black pepper can lend enticing flavors, while cumin adds that nutty touch and an inescapable earthy taste to the beef. Oregano will bestow a Mediterranean charm if you work with ground beef. Mustard seeds are for richness and mild tang, and thyme is to empower the dish with a faint herbal note. The intense garlic flavor always goes well with beef. You can ask the vendor to blend these in a particular proportion of your desire, so all you need to do is sprinkle the mixture instead of collecting separate herbs and spices. It will be such a mess-free cooking.

  • Seafood

You can add turmeric, parsley, paprika, chili flakes, and dill weed to seafood varieties. Turmeric can enhance these recipes by lending tempting colors and warmth with an earthy tone. Parsley’s subtle herbal hint can give your fish a fresh feel. Paprika is excellent at creating a smoky vibe, and dill weed offers a sense of delicateness. When you make something out of swordfish, tuna, or salmon, you can depend on chili flakes to make it hot.

  • Lamb

When you think of a lamb recipe, mint will be on your priority list of herbs. Everyone knows it’s a classic combination. You can also pick cumin, garlic, coriander, and rosemary. Rosemary can balance lamb’s strong taste, while cumin can elevate its depth and warmth. Garlic is necessary for increasing its savory, and coriander can be relied upon for its floral and citrusy blessing.

You must be aware of what works best with what. Still, the food business continuously needs to reinvent tastes to keep customers engaged without messing up with classic favorites. If you need mixed herbs, spices, or anything distinctly, you can speak to food blending suppliers for order fulfillment. If you like what they do, one department will be sorted.

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