Trekking Khun Korn Waterfalls Forest Park – Chiangrai Province

Trekking Khun Korn Waterfalls Forest Park


Khoon Korn Waterfalls Botanical Garden is located in the area of Tambon Mae Korn and Tambon Huay Chompoo, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province which falls within the left side of Pa Mae Lao and right side of Pa Mae Kok National Forest Reserves. The total area is approximately 1,000 rais and was announced, by the Royal Forest Department, as a botanical garden on 21st January, 1982.dsc02158_thumb


The area of Khoon Korn Waterfalls Botanical Garden is mainly a valley skirting by high and steep mountains and is also the originating point for Mae Korn River, consisting of many creeks such as Mae Korn Creek, Mae Morn Creek, Yah Dee Creek and Lao Aye Creek, which then combines with Lao River.

Previously known as Tak Mork Waterfall, this is an area of extreme natural beauty as it is situated in the midst of a forest park and surrounded by mountains.

At an impressive 70 metres, Khun Korn waterfall is by far the tallest fall in Chiang Rai, and you will also find the highest mountain, Doi Kea, which stands at 1575 metres.

The Khun Korn Forest Park is also home to Butterfly Fall and Hoay Lao Ai Fall and several hill tribes, who can frequently be seen in and around the area’s villages and markets.

There is plenty to see and explore in the park and several kilometres of trails, which loop around the falls and there are many beautiful plants to see such as wild orchids are ferns.

The park is situated 33 kilometres from the center of Chiang Rai, and there are camping facilities and shops to buy groceries for people who want to spend the night or even a few days.

It is a hike of 1200 meters from the car park to the waterfall, but swimming in the fall is allowed, so you can cool down once you get there.

For those without transport, a daily bus runs between Chiangrai-Ban pang Rimkorn and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

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