Heated Land Dispute Leads to Murder in Chang Saen, Chiang Rai – Chiangrai Province

Heated Land Dispute Leads to Murder in Chang Saen, Chiang Rai


Chiang Rai Provincial Police have told a press briefing that a husband and wife have been found murdered in Chiang Saen District, on Wednesday.

The afternoon of November 6, Provincial Police in Chiang Rai inspect a house in Chiang Saen after being notified of the deaths by the village headman.

At the scene police found the bodies of Mr Bunchan and Mrs. Sangchan Singha Wise, (Translated from Thai) both strangulation marks on their neck. The surrounding area show no trace of a struggle and no personal items were stolen from the victims. There truck and motorcycles were still at the home.

Police believe the murders may have been done by two or more suspects.

According to the police investigation the murders may be over of a heated land dispute. A neighbor told police
there was an issue of a over land trading. The deceased had sold road access to other villagers as a way to enter and exit their lands.

However after the transaction, he demand more money from the villagers to access their lands. This resulted in mediation with the village headman.

Upon hearing this information police officers interrogate the relevant people to find out more about the dispute and there whereabouts on the night of the murder.

Initially, Officers took pictures and collected evidence of the murder scene. The murder victims bodies were sent to Chiang Rai’s Prachanukroh Hospital for autopsy.

The murder case is still being investigated, with no clear indication of who the murderers were.

Photos of the Murder Scene in Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai

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