Bangkok Siam Kempinski Renamed its Bar After US Hindus Protested – Chiangrai Province
Bangkok Siam Kempinski Renamed its Bar After US Hindus Protested

Bangkok Siam Kempinski Renamed its Bar After US Hindus Protested


(CTN News) – Following complaints from US Hindus who deemed it “very inappropriate,” THE Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok changed the name of its bar.

“1897 Lounge” has replaced “Hanuman Bar.” The “1897tini” is the new name for a martini formerly known as the “Hanumantini.”

Describes himself as a “distinguished statesman” According to his website, US Hindu activist Rajan Zed has already spearheaded several similar pompous campaigns.

In a statement, Zed commended Siam Kempinski Hotels for acknowledging the Hindu community’s concerns, whom he claims to speak for and which found the name offensive.

Zed said that Hanuman was a Hindu god adored at shrines and temples, not for his use in producing beef and alcohol, although many other hanuman-related goods are available.

said, Rajan

For naming a bar and a martini after a revered Hindu god in the first place, Siam Kempinski Hotels and its CEO Bernold Schroeder have yet to issue an official apology.

It can only be a matter of time until Pattaya passes legislation banning Sex on the Beach or the Pope declares war on the Bloody Mary.

With nearly 1.2 billion followers, Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the world and the oldest. Any religious symbol, big or little, shouldn’t be treated carelessly, Zed said.

Hanuman is a Hindu deity who is revered for his superhuman strength.

Only after the establishment of Islamic dominance in the Indian subcontinent, some 1,000 years after the Ramayana was written, in the second millennium AD, did Hanuman come to have spiritual importance.

Wagyu beef tartare, grilled beef, Angus beef burgers, beef ragout, and beef Khao pad were all on the “Hanuman Bar” menu at the Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok.

There were also several varieties of vodka, gin, tequila, whisky, rum, liqueurs, beer, brandy, etc.

With headquarters in Geneva and Munich with nearly 80 hotels worldwide, Siam Kempinski calls itself “Europe’s oldest luxury hotel firm” and asserts that its bars “are the ultimate of elegance.”

In its own words, the Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok is a “five-star luxury resort-inspired retreat.”

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