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Charter a Boat for Your Honeymoon

Yacht Charter in Phuket ,Thailand is a Prime Destination


Yacht Charter in Phuket ,Thailand is a Prime Destination because it’s also home to some of the most spectacular and beautiful islands in Southeast Asia.When most people imagine a tropical holiday aboard a yacht, they imagine days of island-hopping across balmy, turquoise waters.

The island of Phuket is also home to restaurants, nightclubs and world-class shopping that make it a natural destination for a yacht charter holiday. The waters around the island are generally warm, calm and crystal-clear during the high season from late October through March.

And as the government of Thailand is planning to re-open Phuket to tourism in October of 2021 with the easing of COVID-19 cases, now is the time to book your dream holiday of a yacht charter in Phuket, Thailand.


World-Famous Islands for Yacht Charter in Phuket

If the islands around Phuket look familiar to you on your charter, it’s because they’ve served as the backdrops of some of the world’s most favourite blockbuster movies over the years. Movies like Sean Connery’s James bond movie Doctor No, Leonardo Di Caprio in The Beach, and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean have all been filmed in the waters of Phang Nga Bay.

Most of the bay’s islands are part of the Phang Nga Bay National Marine Park and are protected from development. They provide a natural attraction of pristine beaches, rugged soaring cliffs, aqua lagoons and colourful marine life that are the perfect place to enjoy your Phuket yacht charter in Thailand.

And with the exciting towns and attractions of Phuket just an hour’s boat ride away, a yacht charter in Thailand is an ideal holiday for an entire family or group of close friends.

Vast Range of Yachts Available

Phuket also has a well-developed yacht industry that can provide you with a wide range of vessels to choose from. Everything from sport-fishing boats to huge, luxurious superyachts can be chartered for a day or much longer. A Thailand yacht charter in the waters of Phuket can be the most luxurious holiday you’ve ever experienced.

With luxury yachts that are fully stocked with everything you need to set sail for a week or more, you’ll be the envy of all your friends at home. They can even provide jet skis, kayaks, outboard runabouts, snorkelling gear and children’s inflatable water slides. Your kids won’t want to return to shore at the end of the holiday.

Perfect for Celebrations

A Thailand yacht charter in Phuket is also the ideal surprise gift to treat your friends when celebrating a special occasion. Some of these vessels are built for parties. They can accommodate up to 150 people for a day of fun out on the waters around Phuket. They can also provide all the food, beverages and even live music for your party under the stars.

The next time you’re planning a special celebration, why not take it to the next level by booking a Thailand yacht charter in the stunning waters of Phuket?

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