Vaccinated Tourists Arriving in Hotels in Silom,Bangkok – Chiangrai Province
Vaccinated Tourists Arriving in Hotels in Silom of Bangkok City

Vaccinated Tourists Arriving in Hotels in Silom,Bangkok


As it stands, Thailand is looking to open its borders to vaccinated tourists starting in Q4. This is great news for the struggling Thai economy, as it all but guarantees its struggling tourism sector will get an injection of tourists spending money. With most vaccinated tourists arriving in Bangkok, hotels in Silom should be gearing up for an influx of guests lining up to stay at their hotels.

Why hotels in Silom? Bangkok has a lot of great locations to stay in when visiting as a tourist; however, few have the advantages that Silom does. Its location, ease of access around the city, and great culture are among the few great reasons why visitors in Bangkok choose to stay at a hotel in Silom.


Location Hotels in Silom 

If you haven’t heard of Silom before, it’s likely because this area is mostly in the financial district, with a lot of residential neighborhoods surrounding it. It is popular with business travelers, and the nearby riverfront hotels attract much of the family travelers.

But for young couples or single travelers, Silom is one of the more dynamic areas in the city. Its location tucked away in the southwest corner of Bangkok, protected by the Chao Phraya River, means that the only traffic coming through Silom is by people with a reason to go there. If you know anything about Bangkok, you know how important avoiding traffic is.

Get Anywhere, Quickly to Hotels in Silom 

Because of Silom’s location, it’s extremely convenient and easy to get around the city. Immediately adjacent to Silom, and sharing many smaller neighborhoods, is Sathorn. Like Silom, Sathorn has tons of great restaurants and nightlife that suit both Thais and foreigners. For many, it’s the only place they go out.

Also adjacent to Silom is Chinatown. Bangkok’s famous Chinatown is always a must-visit place for any tourist. The sheer amount of delicious street food options is almost overwhelming; there can often be too many things to try! There are also some very small, famous bars in the area that have unique vibes and atmospheres while also serving up tasty and affordable drinks.

Silom is also on both the MRT and BTS SkyTrain lines, giving tourists easy transportation options around the city that avoid traffic completely. Newly opened MRT stations in the historic old town, near some of Bangkok’s famous temples, are a breeze to get to, as is Bangkok’s notable Sukhumvit area.

From a hotel in Silom, Bangkok is entirely at your fingertips.

Silom’s Culture

Ultimately, tourists want to stay in an area that fits their needs and personality. Silom is unique in that it is a fully traditional Thai area, with old shophouses and strong Chinese influences, but is full of nice restaurants, bars, and common areas that cater to a more western crowd.

It is so charming in itself that you may not even want to leave your Silom hotel. Bangkok’s other areas can wait.


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